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Movie 1,2: Demonstrator setup: measuring air pressure changes in balloon covered with LCE band upon cylindrical illumination (530nm Green LED)

Movie 1 : 1Hz green LED light pulse at 35mW/cm2, live data readout

Movie 2 : 15s green LED light pulse at 35mW/cm2, live pressure curve. Pressure increase is observed during illumination.

15s illumination with 55mW/cm2.

 Pulse illumination 2Hz 35mW/cm2. 

Movies 3-6: IR measurements. Recording MM10 surface temperature development upon homogeneous illumination with green LED (530nm). Strips of 16x7mm were fully illuminated on one side, while fixed between clamps.

 Pulse illumination 1Hz 35mW/cm2. 

Movie 7: Example of MM10 sample illumination in DMA (without strain)

 Pulse illumination 1Hz 55mW/cm2. 

Movie 8: Slow motion top view of demonstrator (ECG triggering)

Movie 9: Measured ECG signal in demonstrator (pads attached to author's chest)

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